In 1995, I got my first migraine. I've never had a headache like it before, and I had it every day for 2 weeks. After nearly driving off the road and subsequently refusing to drive at night due to the pain the oncoming headlights caused, my parents took me to my Doctor.


He diagnosed me with migraines and suggested we try Chiropractic before he started with prescription drugs. At the time I thought Chiropractors were only for back pain - my dad was going to one for an injury. But we went, and the headaches got better.


In college, I found a new Chiropractor who helped me get my migraines from weekly down to once a month. She was the one who, after seeing my interest, encouraged me to become a Chiropractor. I was absolutely fascinated that moving a bone in your neck a couple of millimeters could make such a difference. 


I toured schools up and down the east coast before settling on Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. I jumped at the chance to move early and finish my undergrad at USCU and started Chiropractic school the summer of 2003. I discovered at Sherman that there are about a dozen different Chiropractic Techniques, and after exploring several, I found Gonstead and everything just clicked.


I graduated in December 2006 and opened my own practice in October 2007. My goals have always been to provide quality Chiropractic care and to make it affordable to as many people as possible.


I love being able to help get people out of pain!

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